Facebook Best Practices

Simple Tips for Better Connections

Quick and easy practices you can put into place right now and feel an immediate difference.

Exactly how to:

  • Follow a post without typing "following" in the comments. No one even has to know.
  • How to unfollow a post's notifications after you've commented.
  • How to save a post for later, where to find it and even a few tips on what to do with it.
  • How to leverage cover photos, call to action buttons and your profile pic.
  • How to review your page and privacy to only show what you want to show.
  • How to make sure people can find your business page even though we do most of our communicating using our personal page.

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Your Instructor

Carolyn Witt
Carolyn Witt

I enjoy empowering others to do things they think they cannot. It's that simple.

If you'd like to learn more about me and my businesses you can find me here and here. And as always fee free to reach out to me by email with any questions.

Thank you and I hope you find this course useful.